On 14th and 15th November 2022, a meeting of partners of the STUD.IO project (Sociability Through Urban Design Innovation, No.

On October 21,2022  International conference  "CHALLENGES OF AGRICULTURAL LAW IN DIFFICULT TIMES" will take place in Verona 

The Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers became a partner of the project titled „Activation of young generation in the times of climate policy backlash in Central Europe“.

The new issue of the scientific journal EU Agrarian Law is available online on the following webpage:

Local training within project „Strengthening Technology Transfer Infrastructures for Thematic Universities and Innovation Infrastructures“

On February 21, 2022 the project coordinator Unione degli Assessorati alle Politiche Socio-sanitarie dell'Istruzione e del Lavoro (Taliansko)  organized an online meeting of the project Erasmus+ „Sociability through urban design innovation in city design - STUD.IO“, no. KA203-6A057B2A.

In accordance with the decisions taken during the meeting of the Board of Management on 12 th February 2021, the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly took place at 14 hours CET on Thursday 1 st July 2021, on line via Zoom .The agenda for the extraordinary meeting was the following:

On 31 May 2021, the introductory meeting of the project titled „The Pathway  to European Smart Education  in the Agri-Environmental Law under the COVID- 19 Crisis“ took place.

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